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Alex Navinchi

Hi, my name is Alex Navinchi. I am bout to take you on a glimpse into my life. This story is a unfold of my death and rebirth.

It was a long night working on my newly developed program, trying to make a profit of course, when my whole pc just crashed and burn. In need of a new computer, I goto to my friends, zero cools, place to see if he knew any good deals. Turns out that I was in luck. Or at least I thought. So he sends me to this guy named Trent. He was kind of a spooky character. But he hooks me up and says I owe him a favor. I didn't like that idea, but I didn't have anything to make money off of. So he tells me to go home and he'll have somebody to drop it off. Boy I didn't know I was going to have guest over for dinner.

So I waited for a couple of hours at my slumed out place. Hey, it might be a piss poor place, but it was home. Anyways, one of Trents boys shows up at my place and hooks everything up. It wasn't as good as my other computer, but it was a start. I start hooking everything up as far as my settings went and the alike, when I got another knock on the door.

It was some strange guy saying that Trent had forgotten something. He was pretty ugly and fowl smelling. Needless to say I gotting use to that real quick. So he comes in against my will and starts talking all this crazy shit. About Vampires,traditions, and the different clans. Talking about the Nosferatu, which he was. I told him I guess that he got the shit end of the deal. Then he goes off and says he got special priveleages from this Prince dude to make me one of them. So I stabbed him in the back. I didn't know what else to do. He was freaking me out. I also told him that he belong in the mental institute. "Thats where we'll be going", he said. I ran like a scary bitch after that. Trying to get out the window he somehow knocks me out. A guy like me, (laughs) it probably wasn't hard.

After awhile I woke up. I thought I had some kind of weird nightmare or something. As I slowly got to my feet, he was still in my run down place. He asked me to come over there and watch him do something on my new pos computer. For some reason I was a little intrigued what this ugly fuck knew about computers. But it actually turn out he know more than I did. He was hacking into some bank for some extra dough. Quite a large sum if i remember correctly.

He then turns the chair around and tells me it is time. All I could think of was "what did I get myself into". I started to dart off back to the window trying to get out. He grabs me and tells me "We can do this the hard way, or the easy way. Either way your coming home with me." Of course I choosed the hard way. So he knocked me back out again. All I remember after that was waking up to this burning sensation in my body. It was almost like I was dying. Oh wait a second, I was dying. When I awaking again I was in some place that I've never seen before. As I started to regain my head, I was hungry. Have you ever been really hungry, but didn't know what you wanted to satisfy the need. Well this is what it was like, but uncontrollable. Your body knew, but your mind was like a blanket over your head. I felt sorry for the poor soul that they choosed for me. By the time I got done with him, I don't think God could recognize who he was. It was pretty awful.

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