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Alicia was normal child growing up. Her parents was middle class, living in a middle class neighborhood. Her dad was a computer garou and her mom, a average house mom.
By the age of 10, the night was cold and silent. Noone knew what the road ahead lies for her soul. It was about two in the morning when there was loud crashing downstairs. The little one scared, hid in the corner. Hearing some struggle, she heard gunshots. Bam....Bam!
As she walked downstairs, thinking parents where ok, she saw a guy smiling. All she saw was that hidous, psychotic smile. The cops came and took her away to state. Thats where she made her revenge.
A few months later she met snake. A low life gangster thug. He was able to adopt her for some reason. Maybe he had some connections. Well at least someone had to. But she took a connection to him. He tought her the basics. HJow to fight, use a weapon, and most of all how to kill. He gave her the instinct she needed for her task ahead.
At the age of 15 she took out to the streets. Fighting anybody and everybody she could. She had become a street fighter known as "The Tigeress".
One year later she heard that her parents killer had fleed to Midnyte City. Rushing there, she had no money, just the clothes on her back the knowledge to knock some heads, and the "67" mustang that was her parents. So naturally she took to the streets. After making some pretty decent money, she rented an appartment in the middle class section.
After her last fight as an mortal she met her sire. A strange man talking about stuff like he knew her. Said that he wasn't going to let her out of there alive. She stuck a 9mm to his thoat and said "oh really". Well to make a long story short she left there undead. Embraced as a Gangrel.