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{Before the Embrace}

I was born in Florence, Italy just before World War II. I was dubbed the name Archael Christopher, and here my story begins. I was about 7 years old when the war began. My family a group of Italian Gypsy's were forced out of Italy by a big time gangster family, The Venchelli's. My clan was distraught but we carried on. We travelled all over Europe until we settled in England. I was 12 now and well into the Gypsy society, I found that I did not like this life and was forced to live it. Of course, in England they didn't want to see a bunch of Italians prancing around like they were the shiznet, so we lived on the streets. Business was not good and many of the clan folks dispearsed into their own tribes filtering through-out Europe and the Americas. About 3 years of England was all my parents could take before they just gave up.They had been sick for some time and they could no longer fight it. So, I did what any 15 year old kid would do with his parents money. I starting working. Just doing my own thing. I tried many odd jobs and did many of acts in the streets of England. I played the drums, tried a saxophone, tried acting. None of this seemed to be my ticket. However, one day me and my friend Pip were talking and just joking around when an old lady threw us a coin. I guess she thought we were comedians. So, we started telling more and more jokes and getting more and more money. It was great, I could eat again. That winter was a cold one though, and not many got out to see our street show. A very important person did however come along that winter. A man who had just opened up a bar said that he needed an act and he would take us in. He couldn't pay us, but he could feed and clothe us, and put a roof over our heads. We agreed of course and set off on our adventure. We brought the man much business that winter. A warm atmosphere and me and Pip telling jokes. When the war had ended a military man from America was assigned to England and he was visiting our bar that night. After the show he pulled me to the side and said he loved my routine and before he was drafted, he had a bar in Nevada which he would like me to be the starting act in. I was hesitant to leave Pip, but the Americas? I decided to embark on this journey and went with Augustus to a club called Barrel of Laughs. I spent 7 long years, doing my act, telling my jokes, when I was woken one morning and told by Augustas that he had great news for me. I was going to be an American, no more visas. I was like, me an American? Get out of here! But it was true, I went to court on the date on the paper and swore my allegiance. I was counselled on my rights and I went back to the bar. That night, early in the morning I left Augustus to find my own life. As luck would have it, I met up with members of my own Gypsy clan right outside the town packing up to leave. They allowed me to travel with them. Next stop, Chiles, no MidNyte City. I went into the city looking to find a job in comedy and I was treated quite rudely by the locals. Something was strange about this city, but what was it?
{The Embrace}

I had been in MidNyte City for a few weeks.I had met some very strange individuals and alot of shady characters. I learned fast you don't mention certain people's names in this city without getting the pulp beat out of you. I had been trying to gain entrance into two clubs to find jobs in MidNyte City, Xeros and Eternaty's. I had been unsuccessful. I was boarding with a girl name Allysa who frequented Eternity's and was trying to get me in. All I know is the sex was good. She did have a neck fetish though. I was walking home from my current job at Joe's Craphouse, it had burned down again. It burns down like once a week, when I saw a glimmer in the alleyway. I stopped to look back and as I turned my head. I was pulled into the alleyway. I was not sure of what was going on, but I was scared. I believe I lost control of my facilities, but I was too scared to know. The man was saying something to me in a horrible voice and it was all just bluring as I passed out, feeling cold. I felt a warm nourishing liquid enter my mouth. Blood? But it was so good. I felt the warmth all the way down my thoat like thick syrup until it hit my stomach. At that point it EXPLODED throughout my body. I was aware of everything from my toe nails to the hair on my knuckles and head. I again passed out from pain. I awoke in a cell with a hunger I had never had before. I had a thirst for blood. Two figures were talking outside my door, debating on the sudden end to my new found damnation. One of the two was Allysa. She was begging for my life, as I was innocent and had no clue of what to make of the situation. It was the beginning to a beatiful end.
{After the Embrace}

As you might can tell I survived the night in the cell, because I am here to tell about it. Much to my suprise their were alot of new things I had to learn. Abilities, weaknesses, other clans, and most importantly Traditions. The Masquerade being the top of the tree. I should reveal to noone my true nature and let them leave, alive that is. I presented myself to the Prince of the city, Prince DeWinter, as a rogue vampire. If it were not for my concentration of the Vitae, I may have been dead. I was allowed to stay in MidNyte City as Archael Christopher, where I quickly picked up the name Archael Nimrod from Xeros and Etnernaty's. I was a comedian again. However, on a much different scale.
{Life in MidNyte City}

I lived with Allysa for 10 years in MidNyte City. I came to know everything about her, her lifestyle, her being. She was a Toreador, often referred to as Torries. They were catergorized by their love for human things and the preservation of humanity. Perhaps that is where I get it from. After 10 years in MidNyte City I had made some contacts and been involved in alot the society had to offer. Everything was going great for me until... My sire returned. He returned to claim me, only I knew more now and one thing was for certain. I was not going with him. I had lost all ties to him. Probably mostly do to my blood bond with Angel. I found now I had a brother though. A brother who shared in my pain, David. I took him in as if he were my own childe and taught him the ways. I went as his presenter to Prince DeWinter, just as Heinrich had done for me. Our continuing goal to find our sire and put our suffering to an end. This proved more difficult than imagined. Alot of players were involved in this caper, many of which I were unaware of. I was summoned by Prince DeWinter to do a mission for him to receive a boone. Little did I know this would lead me to the detailsI was seeking to get answered. I faced alot of things that as a new vampire I should not have faced, but it was destined for me. To make a long story short, I found out that my sire was being controlled by Deamor, a Tzimitze. We were all gathered at the twisted circus in search of Akhyan, my sire. When we found him. He was not quite in the position I held him for. My compassion took over my hatred, as I saw him about to become nothingness in Deamor's hands. He was a pawn? A pawn all this time. David rushed in to kill Deamor and a battle raged on. But we seemed to get nowhere. The battle ended with Deamor running off and David nearly cut in half by Deamor's sicle. We rushed David back to town to see if we could save him. He died as we got back. I swore then to avenge David and I, even if noone else would help me, would kill Deamor. I got some arsenol from Heinrich and headed on my way. I was joined along the way by a reporter, Nena Madison, looking to get the story. Vay Naomi, a friend, and Roderick Usher, I am not sure that we can catergorize him. I visited Deamor in his home that night. He was anything but ruthless. He was a good host and the others fell into his trap, but I had hate in my heart and it quickly took over. I battled Deamor and won. I collected my boone, which I cherrish, a kitana, laced with silver. About that weapon, it leads me to another interesting story. I met and immediately dislike Valeria Empresia. A new but very upstounding citizen vampire of MidNyte city. She had the words stuck up tattooed to her forehead. I could see this relationship was going to be a bumpy road. Despite the flack in our relationship, I found a true bond to her and I returned to her presence. She fixed my sword to be stronger and better. My sword never dulled or chipped and had the ability to head like a flame. I cherrished it more than anything at the time, except her friendship. Oh, and I was tested on that. I gave up that weapon to save her life. I think another thing that allowed that relationship to flourish was the fact that she did something for me that noone has ever done before. She threw me a birthday party. Everyone was there, all my friends, and it was her that planned it all. I love her to this day for it. At the party, Angel(Sekhmet) gave me another kitana blade, carved of her Vitae. It was sharp as a diamond and guarenteed to mess your day up. In the last little bit I was in MidNyte City I did have many adventures and qualms. I had many of people after me, simply do to the hatred I expressed towards groups. The Tzimitse, and Jagar Tharn was among them, but that is an entirely diffent story. To end where I am now. I met up with some techno-magii who were after a rogue creation, S.A.D.O.U.L., Self Advancing Dynamic Observing Undead Lifeform. I befriended the creature not knowing its capability and now the creators and well, everybody are after me in link with him. While I was running from the Technocracy, another mage friend called me and supplied me a door to safety. It landed me at Valerie's, but everything had changed. Now I am on a journey to find my love and share our unlife.